Cloud farming
$1.60 /Month per 1 TiB
Plans & Pricing
Buy Plots
From 20 plots (+2 as a gift)
$4.00 /plot
Plans & Pricing
Servers Rent
$199.99 /Month
Plans & Pricing

How it works?

Load Balancing
[1] Our pool (MIG POOL)
Our facilities are connected to our pool, anyone can join the pool.
[2] Making Plots
We create plots for both cloud farming and just for users.
[3] Cloud Farming
Farming on our equipment and ready-made guaranteed plots.

Why choose MIGCHIA?

Briefly about the advantages of our service.

Support 24x7x365

Multi-language support in the online account, E-Mail, Telegram, Discord.

Cloud Mining

Pharming cryptocurrency on our equipment and ready-made sites.

Our pool (MIG POOL)

We have developed a pool (MIG POOL) to accelerate the mining of Chia coins.


Our data centers

Our equipment is located in Europe, Russia, USA. We are constantly adding new locations and expanding existing ones.

Load Balancing
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Chia Network

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