Why are we?

  • The best hardware and software
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Convenient personal account
  • Guaranteed capacity
  • Service 24/7/365
  • Confidentiality
100+ Clients
Over 50+ active clients trust us every day about 600 plots.
Our equipment is located in 9 data centers in different countries.

A little about the project

The advantage of cloud mining is savings on the purchase of equipment (PCs, hard drives, SSDs, etc.).

You are renting existing real equipment that we have specially acquired for the creation of the project.

To receive coins, you just need to register, purchase capacities, specify the XCH wallet in the settings for receiving payments.

Profit is shared among all users of the service according to the percentage of purchased capacity, accruals occur once every 24 hours. We do not make charges taken out of thin air (like most cloud projects), only real mined coins.

In fact, we have a pool of personal equipment that is constantly updated and expanded, the project will be scaled through the acquisition of capacities (we do not earn from the money for which you buy capacities, this money is spent on scaling the project).

The income of our project consists in receiving a commission from the mined coins, which consists of only 5%.

Our equipment is connected to a personally developed MIG POOL (https://migpool.com), you can also join and earn with us.

For users who do not want to purchase power and do not have equipment for creating plots, you can also order plotting from us and simply download them and farm them on your personal device after the rafts are completed.